About Us


Edwards Family Law is one of the most unique, dynamic and revolutionary family law firms in the state of Georgia. These are just a few of the things that make us different from other law firms:

Revolutionary Billing

Our flat fee structure will be clearly set out in our retainer agreement. If you ask most attorneys the inevitable question “How much is this going to cost me?”, the answer will be some variation of “I don’t know.” We got really tired of saying “I don’t know.” After over a decade practicing family law, who should know better how much a case should cost – the client or us?

Our value billing allows the client to actually be able to budget for the case.
  • We do not charge for routine out-of-pocket expenses, which will save you money over the life of your case.
  • We do not charge for mileage to get to court.
  • We do not charge for long distance calls and faxes.
  • We do not charge for postage, research subscription fees, or courier fees.
  • We are too busy working on your case to figure out ways to nickel-and-dime you. Our clients find our fees to be reasonable and fair.

Are you afraid to call your attorney because you do not want to get billed a minimum of $100 per phone call?


Is your attorney still mailing you forms to fill out? Have you missed a court date because the mail was late or misdirected? At Edwards Family Law, we use cutting-edge technology to handle our cases and communicate with our clients.

Family law matters can be especially time-sensitive; therefore, all documents and correspondence received are scanned and uploaded to the secure client server the same day for their review.

All pleadings are sent to the client for review prior to filing. We have converted all court-required forms to electronic format, so the client can type their answers and e-mail back to our office.

This automated process allows for quick handling of cases, and reduces the clients’ overall costs. Our office is committed to paperless efficiency, and to providing our clients with the timeliest updated feedback available through e-mail and e-communications.

24/7 Access to File — Now Available

Did you lose that important court document that we sent you? Did your computer crash and all of your documents disappeared? Is it the weekend, and you need to remember what your parenting time is immediately? Edwards Family Law has launched Clinked®, a revolutionary server that allows clients access to their file 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from wherever there is an internet connection. Your life moves at the speed of light. Shouldn’t your law firm?

Each of our clients has their own server, which is instantly updated with a pdf of a document the instant our office receives it. We can do this because all of our staffmembers have state-of-art computers, scanners and printers all at their desks. (Ask the other firms if you will get your own server, or if they will just email you documents at will or – worse – mail them to you.)

Experience and Training

Ms. Edwards has practiced family law for years in twenty-seven different counties in Georgia, in State, Superior and Federal courts. She focused her practice on family law in an effort to effect a change towards cooperative, cost-effective resolution of family law disputes. Our firm has a commitment to practice only family law matters, thereby allowing our staff to be on the cutting-edge of new case law, judge changes and procedures that affect your case. We do not rest on our laurels, but constantly strive to seek out the most recent changes in law and procedure that will assist our clients.


All phone calls received will be returned within 24 hours. If the attorney cannot return the call personally, you will receive a call or communication from a staff member who will explain the delay and assist you in any way they can.

Ms. Edwards is always available to her clients for consultations about their case upon request; however, most clients do not need to exercise this option. Our office will update you at least once per week on the status of your case, and will contact you promptly if a development occurs. In addition, the server is constantly updated with received filings, correspondence and pleadings.

We are not a high-volume firm. We intentionally keep our caseload low so we can give you the personal attention you deserve.