"5.0 stars Atlanta, GA 5/1/2016 I’ll like to start by thanking Regina Edwards & her friendly stuff, they are truly out to help & are highly recommended! Thank You so much for all your hard work, I have no words to express how grateful we are for all that you done for us…"

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"Best person for the Job! 5.0 stars Posted by A.B. May 11, 2016 I Hired an attorney last year and had to spend north of 10,000 dollars and as it pertains to my divorce they were able to get absolutely nothing done. I decided to fire them and go with Regina and I have to say it was the best move I could’ve made! Regina genuinely showed interest in what was best for my daughter and I. I let Regina know what I wanted to accomplish as far as custody was concerned and she made it happen. I love the fact that she charges a flat fee. It really takes some of the stress out of the equation and you can relax knowing she will be working hard for you and you don’t have to stress about how to make more money to continue to take care of your legal expenses. She is very realistic and honest. She will tell you if your asking to much and what she believes is the best case if your case were taken to trial. I felt she really cared that I won the best scenario for my daughter and she followed up on my case shortly after we settled. I was able to win joint legal and physical custody; Tuesday-Friday every week and every third Saturday with a very affordable child support number. All of which is very hard for dads to get. Most lawyers charge a flat rate around $300-450 and hour in my experience. My first lawyer charged $450/hr and he charged me every time they would even talk about my case in the office. If you do the math over the 12 months your case will more than likely be going back and forth you will save tons of money. I probably would’ve saved $10,000 had I went with Regina and her Flat billing in the beginning."

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“When the Judge reached his verdict, I teared from joy and embraced attorney and my friend, with a hug and a thousand thank yous. Three months have now passed since my final hearing and everyone has individually reached out to me to make that I am still happy. I thank them endlessly each time we speak for their support, advice and friendship.”

"Many thanks to you, and your firm for all your work on my behalf. I appreciate your team's sensitivity during this difficult time and responsiveness to my sometimes emotional calls. I am grateful for the team's help in coming up with a settlement agreement and modifying it according to my husband's counterproposal. And I am very happy that we could conclude all of this without going to mediation. Thank you all so much."

"Outstanding Law firm I have worked with Attorney Edwards on my case since Jan 2007, and have found her law firm to be very caring and professional. I was award temporary custody of my daughter in 2007 and recently was granted a divorce and custody of my child which I consider a huge accomplishment for a young father. Regina was very knowledgeable in father's rights and for that I will be always grateful that I chose her law firm. I highly recommend Edwards Family Law to fathers who seek to obtain their rights in court."


"Regina was great - she replied to me quickly and showed great interest in my case. I would definitely use her again, and recommend her."

"I was serving in Iraq when my wife filed for divorce and moved to Georgia from another state with our children. Ms. Edwards would drop whatever she was doing to take my calls, as she knew I had limited opportunity to use the phone in a war zone. She negotiated a fair settlement and got me visitation with my children. May 15, 2007"


"The best word I can think of describe this firm is "Integrity." I have appreciated the straightforward, honest manner in which everyone I came in contact with conducted business."


“Thanks to everyone at the Regina Edwards Law Firm for their assistance during my divorce process. Without your help this process would more than likely still be going on. I know divorces are a field the firm specializes in and it shows. Everything my wife and her attorney tried to pull the firm was right on top of it. My only regret is that I didn’t hire Regina at the beginning of my divorce process. Once again thanks for all your help and keep up the good work!!”